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LED Benefits and Technology

Over the next few months we will be sending weekly newsletters to share the technology and benefits of LED Lighting. Chapter 1 indicates that in 2012 the production of 100W incandescent bulbs were regulated, driving the demand for LED bulbs. In 2013 and 2014 the 40W, 60W and 75W bulbs will also be phased out. We want to give you information that will help not only inform you of these changes in regulations, but help you inform your customers why LED is the way to go.

Take a look at the first Chapter in this series below.

Light Bulb Legislation

The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 was signed into LAW on December 19, 2007. This new law regulates the production and sales of "general service" incandescent medium based lampsunder different time frames for different wattage of lamps. The following link and charts will provide you with further information on these new regulations. Read More

Bulb Phase Out Chart
Legislation Chart

Wattage to Lumens Chart

Below are the diverse family of LED Bulbs available to you from Viribright:

  • 5W, 8W, 10W A19 Style Bulbs
  • 4.5W Spot Floods 
  • PAR30 & PAR38 Bulbs
  • PLC Lamps
  • Candelabra Style Bulb
  • BR30 & BR40 Bulbs
  • T8 Tubes 
See our product section for more information. View More